What Are Player Props Bets?
A proposition bet in sports betting is more commonly known as a “Prop Bet” or “Props”.  It’s a bet on an individual player or a specific aspect of a game. Unlike a typical bet where you’re wagering on which team will win or lose, the final score of a game has no bearing on the outcome of a Prop Bet. A player prop bet is simply a bet on whether an individual player will over perform or under perform a line set by the sportsbook.

For example, some NBA Player Props from Bovada:

Bovada NBA Player Props Picks

In the example above, “Will Steph Curry score more or less than 32.5 points?” If you think he will have more than 32.5 points then you would bet the “OVER”. If you think he will have less than 32.5 points you would bet the “UNDER”.

By the end of the game if he ends up with 33 points or more, then bets on the “OVER” would result in a Win and bets on the “UNDER” would obviously result in a Loss.    

There are many other types of NBA prop bets including points, rebounds, assists, three pointers made, steals, etc. Pretty much any of the common stat categories can be bet on.


Another example, some NFL Player Props from BetBuilder:

PropBuilder NFL Player Props Picks

In the example above, you would choose a player and select whether he will end up with “OVER” or “UNDER” the listed amount of receptions.

“Will Doug Baldwin catch more or less than 4.5 receptions?” Same ideas as the previous example apply. Bet “OVER” if you think he will get more and “UNDER” if you think he will get less.

There are many other types of NFL prop bets including Passing Yards, Passing Completions, Rushing Yards, Interceptions and more.



Why You Should Bet Player Props Instead Of Games?
Game spreads, totals and moneylines are highly efficient markets with more accurate lines than props. Sportsbooks put a majority of their time and resources into perfecting lines for those markets since that’s where the bulk of money is wagered.

However, the player props market doesn’t get nearly as much attention from sportsbooks due to the large amount of effort it takes to handicap every player. This leads to inefficient lines and presents many favorable betting opportunities.

Sportsbooks usually set lines based on player season averages but there are many factors that can influence whether a player will over perform or under perform their normal expectations. We have spent years perfecting these factors and are constantly updating and improving our strategic systems to be on top of every new season.

That’s where we focus our attention to find the most significant advantages available and pass them on to our customers.

Most professional bettors aim for a 55% win rate and an ROI of 5%. We’ve been consistently surpassing those numbers by delivering 65% winners and a 20% ROI for years.  Click on the link below to view all of our past results:



Best Sportsbooks For Player Prop Bets
Best Player Props Offshore Sportsbooks

Sportsbookreviews.com has a helpful rating guide for all the offshore bookies. My general rule is that any site with a B rating or higher is usually trustable but it’s always a good idea to do your own research as well.