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  1. I guess the wild variety of lines across bookies is because of it being opening day and no data to go off yet. Let me know which bookies your using Andy and I will check them out and see if anything looks good.

  2. After communicating with members, here are the bookie sites I will be choosing props from on a daily basis:

    If there is another popular site that you would like me to look at, just let me know and if enough people are interested I will add it.

  3. To be honest, before you not going for a max especially for minor bookie . Edit comment pointing this will be better. BTW the odds there has lower vig anyway (1.83 – 1.83)

    • Noticed that but the juice is a little more expensive. I would rather take 1 point less and save 30 cents of juice.

      But also I think it would be more fair to all members if I used the line that is more readily available.

  4. If you have o12.5 -150 , then o14 -143 is not value for bet, even on propsource standard. Otherwise, it was mentioned here before, to show as how it’s could be real not to catch only bad lines in one cartoon bookie.

  5. I can absolutely understand where you guys are coming from. Everyone who has been here long enough knows I never change the lines on my picks after I post but here’s the deal on why I did today and the solution going forward.

    In past seasons, I usually wait until the bookie sites have posted their lines so I can choose the best lines available (which everyone should be doing) before I post my final picks. However, Propbuilder/Betbuilder have been coming out much earlier than other sites this season. I wanted to help everyone using that platform to get their picks in ASAP so I have been posting the picks I like on there immediately before any other site has posted lines. But I don’t want to continue doing that at the cost of me losing the option to find best lines available for the day. I figured since I was doing the favor of posting picks alot earlier than normal that I shouldn’t be penalized from being able to post the lines I would have normally offered for the day. Didn’t consider the confusion this would cause however.

    I will gladly change today’s pick back to Whiteside over 14 reb, I still like it at that number anyways. And from now on, I’m going back to waiting until the other sites have posted their lines before posting my final picks. I think this will be the fairest thing for all of us. And I don’t think it will have that much effect anyways if the PropBuilder bettors wait a little longer to get picks in. If it does, then I will readjust in the future and try to figure something out.

    *By the way all my picks come from 5Dimes, Bovada and PropBuilder. When it comes to the prop market, there will be some variance between all the sites but these are 3 of the most popular bookie sites available in the USA that also have the largest selection of props too. So it’s not like I’m picking lines from random sites that are only accessible by small communities like Fanduel (which have some of the easiest lines to beat), DraftKings, etc. I also purposely don’t attack oddball props that are super hard to find like 3pters made, blocks, steals or random role players that most people have never heard of.

    I try to choose players in the starting lineup or well known players for the most part that will USUALLY be available by most sites. I would estimate that around 75-80+% of all my picks will be available to find on almost any other site with a decent selection. Of course there will be some picks that some people will get and others won’t on any given day. That’s what happens when every sites selection is not the same. There’s nothing that can be done about that. But you will get atleast about 3/4 of all plays in overall and still make a lot of money. If that doesn’t work for you, then I’m sorry.

  6. It’s not necessery – my point was to put comment on site, then pick/line was changed . Many other factors as absence etc could be a reason of that too. My advice is not to wait too long too, cause rather obvious pick with superb line as Whiteside bet on over vs worse defence at C , will be smashed away anyway by others smart.

  7. In addition now Wall 22,5 everywhere , cause Howard not playing and other changes on on starting five, so as it was told the changing line after public bet, should be noted with some words. Anyway good job ;)

  8. Keep up the good work man. I know US players is the main audience here, so its both pros and cons with only betting euro books. Got 10 different books to place bets, so I often find the same line or better (often at -120 though).

    I think it smart to focus on the main players and points, rebounds and assists. However, would be nice with a mention or suggestion if you find good value in what you call “oddball prop”. I have 2 bookmakers where i can play steals, turnovers, blocks, 3-point fg, player to get double-double and player head to head.

    Lets get a nice profit tonight!

    • Pinnacle has those kind of props, that might one of the sites your talking about. I have noticed the juice on those props are usually very high towards the right side though that it leaves little value but there might still be some good stuff there. Maybe I can figure something out in the future, I will think about it.

  9. Yup, Pinnacle is one, Unibet is another. Had some sucess with betting under on free throws earlier too, but maybe thats only available late in regular season/playoffs?

  10. Pinny is crap to bet unfortunately, cause one bets on half maximum , fe 300E, cause change from 1,90 to 1,75 … Fluctuating sometimes but as props said, rather in good direction and bad for others looking value picks if you are not the first to grab it ;)

  11. Didnt realize I had confirmed the update of the page with that on it. Usually I write the plays down as I contemplate them before updating.

    If you can buyout without a big hit on the juice, I would do it. The under is still a lean for me but like it less with TJ Warren out

  12. Thats bad too, cause if you only see there , they are not playable , they do not remove any odds unfortunately, in others not such a lines :( I am not blame you or nothing like this only want you to know.

  13. Not exactly sure what is the fairest thing to do about the Steph Curry lines. I don’t see Reb or Ast props by themselves on any of the other sites and Im not sure how many of you were able to get those lines on Builder either.

  14. Ok , where those lines were available to set up account there ? Builder not available to bet or slashed and blocked almost all time. Russell were better or same everywhere thx and Fox for a while. Pls put some bookies – request to other customers who bet not “see” only odds.

  15. Ask customers who bets props where can I get those lines, because Builder lately have all odds blocked (limits exceeded info) or slashed drastically odds but its appear only if you want put wager. If you see only odds on site , yes they are like you put here. You told me before in comment that you not bet there so you are unaware of it.

  16. I have email notifications set up so I’m getting plays in within a couple minutes of being them posted. They’re usually available at the sites that have betbuilder (5d, Heritage, BetOnline, etc) but the odds vary sometimes; sometimes they’re up at -114, other times they’re already at -143 or -156. MyBookie and Bovada are the Rhee places that have similar lines and availability. MB has a surprisingly good selection imo. Lines are usually 1-2 pts higher so better for unders 👍🏻

  17. Ok Stephen ! I was in seconds yesterday so not that case about Builder. Bovada is famous with early and weak lines , unfortunately to me can not use them. Will try other places , thats why I ask, thx

  18. Without Bagley in this match and couple of PHO bests, 13,5 – 14,5 on Cualey-Stein or 8,5 rebs very low. Have 17/9,5 at least. What is your opinion ? Ayton should be 12,5/13 both teams similar weak at C position matchups.

  19. If you can get Cauley-Stein OVER 8.5 reb at -130 or lower, I like it. Not in love with his pts prop by itself but the over is favorable. I just added his Pts+Reb as a pick. Thanks

  20. I mention it before too. That they are online and we you see odds its not mean that you can bet on it. I can not bet on this funny line 20 minutes before u post, when choose build and choose under Curry from there there was curry u27,5 1.77 , and it was some time ago.

    • Exactly. And who would expect the Kings to blow out anybody on the road. But even with the blowout, I would expect Ayton to get his minutes so he can develop and gain experience.

  21. Your point is valid Tom that its pointless if you guys aren’t able to get the lines I post. I’m not trying to use “funny” lines to pad my record or anything like that. I’m trying to post as soon as Builder puts up their lines and get you guys those favorable numbers but there seems to be others doing the same thing too and so the lines have been moving quicker than usual.

  22. I know , you are profi for sure, but if one bookie (digital builder act as one, even line are shopping around by couple of books) have almost too good lines or in reality “bad” ones to attract people cause they relatively new in market and they must show interest/numbers not profit now, so maybe good idea is put them only as info. Ofc maybe I am only one to can not bet (5D and Betonline), so if people can bet Curry and they write that it was ok, forgot about above.

  23. Lucky that you can bet ;) Almost all time any missed lines are only to attract attention. Their build is for “overs” only. On o/u its similar – overs welcomed and with normal limits , unders not. Waste of time or for tiny bets only.

    • I have used betbuilder many times over in the past and I assure you they are not creating gimmick props just to attract attention.

      Gimmick props start out with $25-$100 max limits so you know it’s just for attention. Betbuilder starts out at $500 max limits, even on the unders. They just don’t know how to set lines properly.

  24. I am using its from they started and know how they deal from other side too. They improve but limits from them are independent to those from bookies. They are very vulnerable on syndicate betting cause they see “sharp” action from many books in one time (many sources going to one place). They were unaware even if someone important not playing, now they are faster block or took off match of the board. They want to bet their lines on overs, thats their simple main rule. They have enormous vig if you build your bet from scratch or quick picks, and have no opposite line. In over/under they have little overall limit (yes u can bet on new account even more than 500 but next or very next bettor not).

  25. Yea, if you can buy back without losing much juice I would do it to be safe. Im leaving my picks up since there was only 10 minutes left to tipoff when the injury news came out.

  26. Any chance you can post on twitter when u buy out of a play or have an added play. Maybe just tweet. ‘Updated post on site. Check back”. Would help greatly as I sometimes forget to check back right before gametime as I’m sure others might as well

  27. @Trevor I downloaded the gmail app on my phone and turned on notifications. I get a lot of emails so I created a separate address for this account and whenever props are updated I get an instant notification. I really wish I didn’t get notified yesterday tho!

  28. Ok I’ll try that again for my gmail. I couldn’t figure out how to turn on notifications could only star smails and it didn’t work for me to turn on notifications

  29. I told you that its not for profi punter (Betbuilder) , only over bettors welcomed. But today have 1/3 of bets without under odds. Sell something like that , radicolous at least.

  30. Nop , only said that Betbuilder is not reliable as source to bet (widest offer on “paper” but for recreational only players, specials limits on over , no offer odds, or instantly after offer exceeded limits) etc. So I am only prefer you to give odds from stable/reliable bookies, if someone still can bet there, find the better odds there and will be happy. Most of us bet on worse odds than you put here. I am not complaining only put the truth out of here. Keep good job !

    • Ok sorry. Hard for me to understand what you mean sometimes.

      There are actually many members who tell me in chats that they get better lines than I post too so I don’t think it’s truth that most people get worst lines like you say. I try very hard to post lines that are widely available as much as possible. Some other people charging for prop picks are giving out lines that never even existed to begin with and their daily records are completely inflated. I’d rather quit before I ever do that on purpose.

      We started having problems with Betbuilder lines moving quickly so I adjusted to waiting until they normalize before posting my lines. If the problem still continues, then I will eliminate it but for now it seems like it’s resolved for the most part.

  31. Ok at least for me its tough to find. Today even lost on Bogdanovic 15,5 but 2,00 odds on under, similar case on Turner rebs. Its for me natural thing ,no worries. I know that 1 points or even half rebs could be reason to not be winning in longterm , its not as easy as you explain in FAQ. And ofc many case i can put better odds/lines as today on Toronto match, but i know that Leonard not playing and is no value on Ibaka we bet u15,5 anymore.

    • Im sorry you lost those tonight. Hate when that happens. There’s also times when I post something that loses by .5 on my line but a majority of people got better lines and won. Little different for me though because Im just happy members win more than my record. Thanks for understanding. Hopefully you still end up with profitable night from Embiid and Towns

  32. Don’t like overs in general. Guys get hurt, guys get tired, guys get in foul trouble, guys get ejected, some guys don’t even want to try, game becomes a blowout, coach managing minutes…too many variables.

    • So true Andy. With unders, the only thing that can really burn you is game going to overtime which is pretty rare. Thats why atleast 80% of my picks are unders but there are times when Overs have good value too. I think most of my 3 Unit picks were overs and those worked out nicely so far goojng 6-2.

  33. In general, when the line is so juiced like Drummond on Pinnacle now. Do you consider betting the opposite? Since ur hitting 60% wouldnt it be value in +150 on OVER 1.5 blocks?

    • That’s right Tom. Lowry is not scoring much this year, Vanvleet is nearly equal when they get same minutes.

      However, Lowry creates better opportunities for the role players so its actually a small downgrade for them when Lowry sits

    • The line was actually +105 when I posted so there was no line move. I just post -115 normally because not every site will have + odds and I don’t want anyone to think Im only making the pick because of + juice and they end up passing on a -130 for example.

      Even if there was a line move, it wouldn’t change my mind. I trust in my analysis more than any line moves

    • Tristan will not be taking any of Nance’s PF minutes, that Im sure of. Frye will get a little PF time and I expect they will slide Osman from SF to PF when Frye sits and give more minutes to Jordan Clarkson and other guard/wings

    • 20.5 is right about where I would draw the line. I expect 25+ for him but the Bucks play a more versatile team oriented style this year so it’s not like they will just feed him the ball and his volume goes up. Giannis stats could get spread around evenly. Bledsoe is still playing by the way

  34. Yep with Bledsoe Bucks. Still without Ante similar numbers than year before, big upside usage for Middleton and second Bledsoe, then a little gain To Brogdon , rest almost same.

  35. When did you post the 3-0 Bucks picks? 15 mins before tip off?
    I hate to complain and reiterate this but a simple tweet saying *added 3 plays for members would be so helpful.
    The gmail notification does not work for me I’m sure other members but if you tweet it pops up on text notification instantly.
    I even keep up with the chat on here only to see a msg about passing on 20.5 Middleton is a play 20 mins layer.
    3-0 for 11-5 opposed to 8-5 is a huge difference esp when majority of the losses were -150.

    I love the service but there is no other way to check plays other than constantly logging in and that means getting logged out, retyping password, going into NBA picks. It’s all time consuming when a simple tweet of *Added plays for members at 6:50 eastern time would help alot for the amount of monthly were paying.

  36. Trevor, sorry you missed the plays. It was posted 30 minutes before tipoff, that’s when Betbuilder finally posted lines for Bucks players. I put out a seperate post so that emails would be sent out. From now on I will be tweeting every time picks are posted and whenever I add plays too.

    I never said Middleton 20.5 was a pass. I said 20.5 is where I draw the line meaning that’s the last number I would take the over at. I can see how that could be interpreted both ways, I will choose my words more carefully next time.

  37. Andy, be sure you have 5Dimes, MyBookie, and Bovada loaded for these. It’s crucial for success. Sometimes a local book can be rather slow updating numbers and prices too.

    • Good advice Cole. Unfortunately Andy is not in the USA and doesn’t have access to some of those bookies. On many days that’s fine because they also have some really soft lines on the international sites but unfortunately today was not one of those days.

      Andy is an OG in this, been with me for the longest. That’s why it hurts me even more to see him have a bad day. But you can be sure I will do my best to try and make tomorrow a great day for you Andy.

  38. Thanks Buddy!! It’s been a long 5 years us being partners now. As you know nothing frustrates me more than losing by a hook and I had 5 loses by a hook yesterday!!! Crazy!!!

    Bovada, Bodog, Bet365, Bwin, my local all have kicked me out. I’m now using BetOnline & Pinnacle which have great selections but mostly juiced heavily. Need to sit down and weigh my options…

  39. That is so brutal to have 5/10 plays to lose by the hook in one day. Very despressing. It’s nothing we can’t overcome though.

    Once I was cutoff, I have opened accounts through family members and used VPN software to mask the IP address. A little bit more inconvenient but it worked. That’s an option too

    • It doesn’t matter if Jazz are worst in league against C. All those other teams don’t have Center as primary facilitators so it’s not the same. I dont know the stat on Center ast vs Jazz but I assume that number is very low. If its 3 ast, then its still way below 8.5

  40. Its 4.42 , 22% more than avg on this position but can not agree with your explanation, but last sentence its not as simple math. Mixing it in best way it could be like u think, cause jazz are good in defence overall. Last match at Gobert I remember 16 assist from Jokic , so better ask and know more. Thx

  41. Hi, Those “buy out” unfortunately are not such easy – Kanter taken off so I left with over, good that void, not play. Josh after Ayton out – line goes up and with 7.5 it could end on both lost. Maybe best way is to stay with all bets and give new one, when conditions changes. Similar with “update” bet to better line after give worse at first. Best way imho stay with original and add new bet if its still worth to add some unit on better line. Without “update” everyone will be only happy to catch better line, after “update” is otherwise feeling. Its my suggestion of course only.

    • Kanter was still on 5Dimes (which was where I got the line from originally) when I posted to buy out but I will consider better ways to handle this in the future.

      As for updating lines, we have been over this before in detail. It comes down to this: Do you want me to post picks 30 minutes before tipoff or 3 hours before tipoff? Its either I post late in the day after ALL bookies have posted lines, or I post earlier and have the option to update if a different public bookie posts something better. I am not updating lines just because the line changed on the same bookie. I have updated picks about 15-20 times all season (out of 700 total picks), I personally don’t think it should be considered that big of a deal at this point.

  42. Ronnie full agree as a new pick, cause we can not “erase” previous bets in real world. That is why I try to explain it on for example – yesterday Jackson, bet in bookie under 6 but after info can not sell it cheap or without a risk with double lost when line go up everywhere (or odds at least).

  43. Already bet 1.5 on MyBookie for Cousins. And paid the -145 for the Dray assists on MyBookie too.

    What’s the split we like for Cousins on points, rebounds, and assists?

    • No big deal, I still like at those prices. I try to get the picks out asap and bovada didn’t post lines until after I posted so I updated. But it’s everyones job to find the best lines and juice they are able to get for each pick

  44. Agree, but we have bottom value with you official approve and we can bet only better, when we did not noticed price before “update” we may pass some bets. So thx for that.

    • Congrats Andy. Sometimes you’ll get a better line/winner when my line is a loser and vice versa. That’s how it goes in the prop market with so much variety between bookies

  45. Just sharing:

    Can I Play On Monkey Knife Fight?
    In order to be eligible for a monkey knife fight, users must be 18+ years of age, and a resident of one of the following states: AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NH, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, UT, VT, WV, WI, and WY.

    • I think the 2.3X includes your wager so its actually 1.3X…Payout odds are not favorable but some of the lines offered are way off and are easy to beat. Just gotta be very selective

    • I dont believe so, atleast no clear edges stand out. I dont see Dwight Powell as a major downgrade from Deandre Jordan who I consider one of the most over rated defenders anyways. Might see more rebounds

    • Mybookie takes a while to react. 5dimes usually keeps lines up as well. Lots of local bookie skins like 1betvegas never take down lines at all.

      Not sure about all the international sites but I believe some of them are slow to react too

  46. Can not imagine how the foreign bookies have so much more knowledge than in USA . 5D is 50usd bookie for me, betting there no way I can earn for picks ;) Ok if rest could bet after such a news , hands down. Should simply born in New Yersey , easy life as I see ;)

    • Other than NJ, all these bookies like 5Dimes Bovada etc are actually non USA based. But yes NJ bookies have no clue what theyre doing. We all should move to NJ for NBA season

    • These mini slumps have happened a few times over the years. But I always find a way to get out of them. Gonna tighten up the picks a little more starting tomorrow and hopefully we can get some consistent winning days strung together.

  47. Even though Chris Paul 14.5 was available on Bovada all day, I’m not going to count it was a win on the record as I believe many had 15 or 15.5 Pts

    Glad I passed on Faried as the line value wasn’t there

  48. Yeah , I regret again, that blocked my country, their lines are way off sometimes from market by huge margin. My local shops, which have no clue about anything in nba have much more accurate lines.

  49. Even late 5D have normal 18,5 there and over 11,5 1,69 on rebs Ayton. Same pinnacle etc. Search about clone of that line but bodog.eu blocked too. Seems only Usa residents can beat that lines.

    • I would be fine with 2u personally, Im only doing 1u on my record for convenience. But with Gasol and Conley out against Spurs current poor defense, he should get 20+ easily

      • Its always possible he could ball hog but I think they will get a good amount of minutes without each other on the court at the same time. I also think Valanciunas stays around 20-25 minutes with Grizzlies in tank mode, would be surprised if he gets 35+ minutes

    • Good amount of the losses has come from overs, that’s why I was back to strictly unders past couple days. I’ve had success with overs on rebounds this season but over on points has been a losing proposition. I will be extremly strict and selective with those going forward

    • Tom I disagree, you may not need “space technology” but there is an art to picking the injury related picks and I’ve helped explain one example of it before if you remember. Sometimes there are obvious plays when a player sits but for the most part, it’s not as simple as just betting Overs on all teammates when a player sits. There’s many different circumstances when a player sitting can have no effect and even sometimes negatively effect teammates scoring or other stats. And being able to decide whether to pull the trigger or not is not as simple as you make it out to be

    • Adams 9 reb is back up on BetBuilder, I took off Schroder as it was only available on BB and nowhere else as far as I could see. Westbrook was available on many local bookies at 24.5 and I confirm quite a few members were able to bet it but I will not count it today. But I will be counting some of these types of plays from now on and I’ll explain why.

      Many clients are able to bet them through local bookies, NJ bookies, international bookies, etc etc. Sometimes they even pop back up on regular sites like Adams reb today. Im not going to monitor all sites all day to keep updating back and forth on the picks.

      These picks are having an impact (good or bad) on enough members bankrolls that they should be reflected in the overall record, whether its positive or negative. Is it fair if I were to make recommendations (unofficial picks that I advise betting normal wager amounts on) and the picks happen to lose resulting in sometimes thousands of dollars lost for a bunch of clients yet my record is unaffected?

      These kind of picks make up such a small % of overall picks anyways. And I never have or will use injury related picks as 3 Unit Max Bets. Im not trying to pad the record but I believe the picks should have some impact on my record, good or bad as long as enough members are betting them.

      If your unable to bet them and worried about me counting them against you on the 55% guarantee insurance, that will not be the case. I will not count those when calculating the win % for your membership duration.

  50. Yep partly agree, but such an obvious , if u “heard” only about on a mentioned player, if first pointscorer (about 30p) gone , the second next on similar position have more usage, and it split according of course on deducted points on total line to other guys. Its clear that u must know the game or have basic skill to use for example bookies total and spread lines. When its seconds on clock u can estimate all but rather not bet much, or have it feel that in players lines are not included info and go for it blindly. I am sure every avg person will be more than happy and sum up on profit side even simply playing all players over than bet nothing ;) And yes there are many other factors , and sometimes simply calculate did not work either.

  51. Using a lot of time on this today that I could be using much more wisely doing research to find more potential picks. I will address it later when games have concluded if necessary

  52. I do not know if you point this above strict to me only. Do not take it personally, its only my point of view . You can disagree and if you do not mind I may sometimes too. In long-terms is highly unlike betting such a bets be not profitable, no doubt. So its not in fact any negative way to choice. U can count anything you want its clear. And you know best that 55% if avg odds will be less than 1,82 not guarantee any profit too. I know the rules and never even thought about insurance. Like to learn and be open minded , that is why sometimes I ask , put some thoughts and some doubts too.

    • Was available on propbuilder when I posted before they announced Bledsoe out. Still like the play given that he’s injured and will be on a minutes restriction if things get out of hand early

    • Yea I didnt notice I had left it on there until after posting. But I deleted it within 5 seconds after I posted and before the emails were even received. How did you see that?

  53. Hmm sum is 33.5 with that odds you put . 32.5 on decent odds is same. Remember advice on odds/bets seems i that range 1-2 points is ok. Confused after this comment now.

  54. Tom, he is talking about adding an additional bet. If you already got 3u spread out across the 3 props, then I wouldn’t add another 1u at a worst line.

    But if you weren’t able to bet the 3 picks individually and could only bet the pra, I would take 32.5 for 1u

    • I like them in this order 1. assists, 2. reb+ast, 3. pts. Dont care for reb by itself that much.

      He could facilitate or score, its hard to predict but I expect him to have the ball in his hands and make things happen so I would like the PRA the most

  55. I don’t recall a day where 12+units were lost. Putting 8 units on one player is not very wise in my opinion especially 2 max plays. Too many eggs in one basket.

    • Your probably right. But fading McGee tonight checked off so many criteria that making it the biggest play of the season was warranted in my opinion and I have no regrets in doing that. Even so I probably should’ve capped it at 5U since almost nothing is a sure thing so I did go a little overboard but these kind of spots come so rarely that I wanted us to take full advantage of it. Either way it would’ve been a bad day but I will be sure not go over 5U anymore unless it’s something like Lebrons last reg season game of last season where I pretty much knew the outcome before the game started.

    • I believe he had only 8 Pts with about 7 min left in the 4q when Jazz were up over 15. So frustrating when he hits a step back 20 footer which costs us the cover

    • What’s done is done. All I can do is learn from it and do my best to make tomorrow a winning day and go from there. Nothing I want more right now than to make smart picks tomorrow and hopefully have a profitable day for everyone

  56. Very tough again month too, and 10.5% losses of bankroll here , unfortunately much more in my bank. Reason of these happens is fact that better tips in more soft bookies I bet hardly ever and those like for example McGee which were available everywhere not went well. Cold comfort if next month is free of charge cause losses but insurance Includes 55% Win Guarantee, which 102-83 for month cover but with odds in winning tips cause bereavement.

  57. Nothing against you buddy and I really do appreciate your offer!!! It’s impossible to win every year and unfortunately this year is one of those years. The last 4 years was truly astonishing though.

    • We have a lot of history Andy, I would hate to see you go. Especially on a bad note it wouldn’t sit right with me for a long time.

      Year ain’t over. Going to make the rest of this reg season profitable. Then we cash all the reg season win totals (and hopefully Giannis MVP later) and then crush the playoffs as usual. I can see adding 100 units by the end of playoffs

    • Tell me about it Andy. I’ve been thinking the same thing past couple days. But it’s also possible this run mightve not happened without that kick in the ass too.

      A 76% level is unsustainable but let’s try to keep it going for as long as possible.

    • Sorry if your unable to bet it. 5D still hasnt posted lines so hopefully they will add it. Also Im keeping hope that PropBuilder adds his pts prop too

  58. Prop – they have got but in quick bets – and no surprise there 24 or more 1.85 , and under not available because of their profile (overs welcomed , under slashed limits or unavailable in quick bets)

    • Im just working with what I see available guys. Some people do have Bovada accounts with $500 limits. If your unable to bet 5U on it and that’s what causes you to have a losing month, then of course I will accomodate you.

    • Thanks Tom. That reply I made last to you was actually in general for everyone. Sorry it was directed to you.

      Surprised PropBuilder was smart enough to cover their ass this time and hang a high line for Wade pts.

  59. *Im only going to count Wade as a 1u play if it wins. I don’t feel comfortable counting it as a 5U play when most of you weren’t even able to bet it. I don’t ever want anyone to feel I’m padding stats, cheating or misrepresenting in any way. Congrats to those who were able to get it in for the max.

  60. Where are we at with these new numbers boss?

    Giannis o12.5 rbs -115
    Paul u7.5 ast -115
    George o28.5 pts -125
    Harden o35.5 pts -115

    We still like these?

    • Would rather have Blake playing of course but I expect an easy blowout either way and reduced minutes for drummond if so. Im letting it ride but I wouldnt fault anyone if they wanna buy out

    • That is disappointing Andy. I was expecting another blowout and limited minutes again for Drummond but it didn’t work out that way unfortunately

  61. Just saw Griffin under 24.5 points on 5Dimes go from -150 to -175 to -215 huge drop to -160 and now to -165

    Very strange movement, especially that drop back down

  62. No blocks option for Aldridge and Jokic by itself. Can only get steals + blocks for those two. Do we like those as well?

    Aldridge blocks + steals under 1.5
    Jokic blocks +steals under 2.5

  63. The Clippers surely know how to ruin our bets… -2.7 u tonight. Im nowhere near your +31u, but im happy with +15.5u this playoff at 60% hitrate and 117.2% ROI :)

    • Warriors were just going through the motions on defense tonight. Expected a much better performance from them but it happens. As long as we keep having 7 winning days for every losing day we’ll be more than ok.

  64. Im down to +10u this playoff now. 55% hit rate and 106% roi
    Negative 10u the last 10 days with 6 days negative. Need to get back on the horse now.

    • As mentioned in every notification email, I tweet anytime picks are added. Wordpress’ system doesn’t have a feature to send notifications when a page is updated, only sends when I create an entirely new post.

      What I can do from now on is create a new post titled “picks added” anytime I add picks and everyone can just check the original page to view them.

  65. Okay, i never read that mail, I just rush to the bookies to get the lines :P
    I often check in and refresh the site to see if there are new picks added, so a new post had been great.

  66. ok, but I will wager 0.5u on under 2.5 block +steal for Harden, Tucker and Paul.
    and 0.5u on Gordon OVER 0.5 block +steal. Do not want to miss picks, lol. GL