🏈🏀 2018-19 Summary

Another profitable NBA and NFL season all around, although an under achieving one compared to prior years.

59% Wins and +183 Units is pretty good for an under performing year, but it’s not good enough for me and probably not for some of you as well who have grown accustomed to the results from previous years.

February and March was the difference between a good season and a great season. If we could’ve won the normal 25-30 units on those months, it would’ve been smooth sailing to a typical +250 unit year (or more). There was a little more bad luck during that time, losing more close picks than usual.  But that’s no excuse, I’m sure my decision making was a bigger factor than anything else. That will be improved on by dissecting and analyzing all the picks from this year with extra attention on the losing months.

Once again, the NBA playoffs was where we shined brightest with 63% winners on 300 picks.

The NBA and NFL season may be over but I will be working throughout the summer staying up to date on all team news and preparing for NBA and NFL Season Win Totals which did well this year going 10-1 (+40 units) on both sports. NFL should be ready in July.

I hope it was profitable year for everyone and the customer service at the very least met your expectations. 

Im open to hearing any feedback. What you liked, what you disliked, what can be improved, etc. Always looking to make things better.

If you could take a minute and leave a review, that would be great. You can go to any NBA or NFL post and there’s a star review thing on there. If not, no worries. Thank you all.

Prop Source Team

NFL Player Props Picks – Super Bowl 2018

Will anybody other than Brady or Foles take a snap (punters/kickers excluded)? NO(-130)
Will Terrell Owens be mentioned during broadcast? NO(-170)
Will McNabb Superbowl 39 vomit incident be mentioned? NO(-250)
How many clips of Superbowl 39 will be shown? Under 2.5(-200)
Will Donald Trump be mentioned during broadcast? NO(-160)

2nd half more pts than 1st half (-140)
1st Qtr under 10 pts (-120)
No Score in first 6.5 minutes (-110)
PHI under 21.5 pts (-110)
PHI will punt before scoring (-150)
PHI more penalty yards than NE (-130)
NE under 48.5 penalty yards (-110)
PHI no rushing TD (+110)
NE no rushing TD (+155)
Longest FGM under 47.5 yds (-110)
Shortest FGM over 26.5 yds (-110)
Total Players with pass attempt under 2.5 (-200)
Nick Foles under 2 TD (-250) (if not available, then Under 1.5 TD/-110 is fine too)
Nick Foles under 38.5 longest completion (-110)
Legarette Blount under 28.5 yds
Tom Brady under 38.5 longest completion (-110)
Tom Brady -.5 more TD than Nick Foles (-120)
Dion Lewis longest rush under 14.5 yds (-110)
James White longest rush under 6.5 yds (-110)
Dwayne Allen under .5 yds (-130)
Jay Ajayi no TD (-200)
Corey Clement no TD (-360)
Fletcher Cox no sack (-160)
Trey Flowers no sack (-200)

Playoffs Super Bowl = 14-15 -7.9 units
Overall = 275-193 (59%) 💰+47 units