🏈🏀 2018-19 Summary

Another profitable NBA and NFL season all around, although an under achieving one compared to prior years.

59% Wins and +183 Units is pretty good for an under performing year, but it’s not good enough for me and probably not for some of you as well who have grown accustomed to the results from previous years.

February and March was the difference between a good season and a great season. If we could’ve won the normal 25-30 units on those months, it would’ve been smooth sailing to a typical +250 unit year (or more). There was a little more bad luck during that time, losing more close picks than usual.  But that’s no excuse, I’m sure my decision making was a bigger factor than anything else. That will be improved on by dissecting and analyzing all the picks from this year with extra attention on the losing months.

Once again, the NBA playoffs was where we shined brightest with 63% winners on 300 picks.

The NBA and NFL season may be over but I will be working throughout the summer staying up to date on all team news and preparing for NBA and NFL Season Win Totals which did well this year going 10-1 (+40 units) on both sports. NFL should be ready in July.

I hope it was profitable year for everyone and the customer service at the very least met your expectations. 

Im open to hearing any feedback. What you liked, what you disliked, what can be improved, etc. Always looking to make things better.

If you could take a minute and leave a review, that would be great. You can go to any NBA or NFL post and there’s a star review thing on there. If not, no worries. Thank you all.

Prop Source Team

NFL Player Props Picks – Super Bowl 2018

Will anybody other than Brady or Foles take a snap (punters/kickers excluded)? NO(-130)
Will Terrell Owens be mentioned during broadcast? NO(-170)
Will McNabb Superbowl 39 vomit incident be mentioned? NO(-250)
How many clips of Superbowl 39 will be shown? Under 2.5(-200)
Will Donald Trump be mentioned during broadcast? NO(-160)

2nd half more pts than 1st half (-140)
1st Qtr under 10 pts (-120)
No Score in first 6.5 minutes (-110)
PHI under 21.5 pts (-110)
PHI will punt before scoring (-150)
PHI more penalty yards than NE (-130)
NE under 48.5 penalty yards (-110)
PHI no rushing TD (+110)
NE no rushing TD (+155)
Longest FGM under 47.5 yds (-110)
Shortest FGM over 26.5 yds (-110)
Total Players with pass attempt under 2.5 (-200)
Nick Foles under 2 TD (-250) (if not available, then Under 1.5 TD/-110 is fine too)
Nick Foles under 38.5 longest completion (-110)
Legarette Blount under 28.5 yds
Tom Brady under 38.5 longest completion (-110)
Tom Brady -.5 more TD than Nick Foles (-120)
Dion Lewis longest rush under 14.5 yds (-110)
James White longest rush under 6.5 yds (-110)
Dwayne Allen under .5 yds (-130)
Jay Ajayi no TD (-200)
Corey Clement no TD (-360)
Fletcher Cox no sack (-160)
Trey Flowers no sack (-200)

Playoffs Super Bowl = 14-15 -7.9 units
Overall = 275-193 (59%) 💰+47 units

NFL Player Props Picks – Conference Playoffs 2018

Leonard Fournette under 79.5 yds
Tom Brady under 289.5 yds
Danny Amendola under 4 rec
Danny Amendola under 40.5 yds
Brandon Cooks under 62.5 yds
Chris Hogan under 44.5 yds

Latavius Murray under 60.5 yds
Legarrette Blount under 27.5 yds
Jay Ajayi under 57.5 yds
Jay Ajayi under 75.5 rush+rec yds
Alshon Jeffrey under 4 rec
Alshon Jeffrey under 50.5 yds
Zach Ertz under 5 rec
Zach Ertz under 49.5 yds



‪Playoffs Conference = 4-10 -7.5 units‬
‪Overall = 261-179 (59%) 💰+55 units‬

NFL Player Props Picks – Divisional Playoffs 2018

Legarette Blount under 29.5 rush yds
Tevin Coleman under 30.5 rush yds
Tevin Coleman under 55.5 rush+rec yds
Devonte Freeman under 59.5 rush yds

Derrick Henry under 77.5 yds
Danny Amendola under 3.5 rec
Danny Amendola under 37.5 yds
Dion Lewis under 3 rec

Leonard Fournette under 80.5 rush yds
Blake Bortles under 27.5 rush yds

Michael Thomas under 77.5 yds
Michael Thomas under 6.5 rec
Mark Ingram under 55.5 rush yds
Alvin Kamara under 45.5 rec yds



‪Playoffs Division = 4-10 -7.5 units‬
‪Overall = 257-169 (60%) 💰+62 units‬

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 16

Frank Gore under 49.5 yds (5dimes)
Jordy Nelson under 38.5 yds (5dimes)
Jerick McKinnon under 64.5 rush+rec yds

Charles clay under 3.5 rec
Drew Brees NO int
Mitchell Trubisky NO int
Melvin Gordon under 79.5 yds
Jordan Howard OVER 78.5 yds
Alex Smith NO int (-175)
Jay Cutler under 1.5 td
Marquise Goodwin under 60.5 yds
Doug Baldwin OVER 67.5 yds

Marshawn Lynch under 49.5 yds
Nick Foles NO Int



‪Week 16 = 6-8 -3.2u‬
‪Overall = 242-157 (60%) +62 units‬

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 15

Emmanuel Sanders OVER 3.5 rec
Emmanuel Sanders OVER 42.5 yds
CJ Anderson under 53.5 yds (5Dimes)
CJ Anderson NO TD (-160) (5Dimes)

Theo Riddick under 4 rec (-160)

Eli Manning OVER 21.5 comp
Aj green under 5.5 rec (-140)
Aj green under 70.5 yds
Case Keenan NO INT
Latavious Murray OVER 67.5 yds
Jermaine Kearse under 40.5 yds
Drew Brees NO INT
Isaiah Crowell under 55.5 yds
Josh Doctson under 39.5 yds
Josh Doctson under 3.5 rec
Lamar Miller under 55.5 yds
Deandre Hopkins under 88.5 yds (5dimes)
Deandre Hopkins under 6.5 rec (5dimes)
Jay Cutler under 1.5 TD
Kenyan Drake under 79.5 yds
Kenny Stills under 4 rec (-140)
Kenny Stills under 50.5 yds(-135)
Rob Gronkowski OVER 70.5 yds
Antonio Brown under 105.5 yds
Dak Prescott NO INT

ATL/TB under 8.5 punts (5Dimes)
Sorry guys, not feeling too confident on any other plays for tonights game



Week 15= 21-4 (84%)🔥 +16 units
Overall= 236-149 (61%) 💰+65 units

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 14

Drew Brees NO Int
ATL/NO under 4 sacks
Austin Hooper under 3 rec

Eli Manning OVER 21.5 comp
Davonte Adams under 5 rec
Brett Hundley under 22.5 rush yds
Jamaal Williams under 60.5 yds
Marqise Goodwin OVER 67.5 yds
Lamar Miller OVER 65.5 yds
Devin Funchess under 60.5 yds
Kyle Rudolph under 4.5 rec
Ty Hilton OVER 55.5 yds
Ty Hilton OVER 4 rec
Jack Doyle OVER 47.5 yds
Robbie Anderson under 67.5 yds
Jermaine Kearse under 52.5 yds
Emmanuel Sanders OVER 45.5 yds
Emmanuel Sanders OVER 3.5 rec
Josh Doctson under 3.5 rec
Samaje Perine under 69.5 yds
Rishard Mathews under 45.5 yds
Rishard Mathews under 3.5 rec
Demarco Murray under 40.5 yds
Derrick Henry under 50.5 yds
Paul Richardson under 42.5 yds
Paul Richardson under 3.5 rec
Doug Baldwin under 57.5 yds
Tyler Lockett under 29.5 yds
Tyler Lockett under 2.5 rec
Nelson Agholar under 4 rec
Todd Gurley under 67.5 yds

Leveon Bell under 95.5 yds

Danny Amendola OVER 40.5 yds (-140) (if unavailable, over 3.5 rec is good too)
James White OVER 24.5 yds (if unavailable, over 3 rec is good too)
Devante Parker OVER 37.5 yds (if unavailable, over 3.5 rec is good too)



Week 13= 19-16
Overall= 215-145 (60%)

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 13

Terrence Williams under 3.5 rec (-150)

Mitchell Trubisky NO INT (+125)
Jordan Howard OVER 84.5 yds
Jordan Howard under 1.5 rec
Jarvis Landry under 6.5 rec (-140)
Jarvis Landry under 57.5 yds
Julio Jones under 6 rec
Julio Jones under 84.5 yds
Ty Hilton under 49.5 yds
Ty Hilton under 4 rec
Frank Gore under 52.5 yds
Blake Bortles under 19.5 rush yds
Jacoby Brissett under 200.5 yds
Kareem Hunt under 70.5 yds
Marcus Mariotta NO INT (+165)
Tyrod Taylor NO INT
Charles Clay under 3.5 rec

Sunday Afternoon
Corey Coleman under 4.5 rec
Tyrell Williams under 2.5 rec
Tyrell Williams under 39.5 yds
Melvin Gordon under 2.5 rec
Isaiah Crowell under 55.5 yds
Phillip Rivers under 272.5 yds
Derek Carr NO INT (+125)
Marshawn Lynch OVER 60.5 yds
Alvin Kamara under 45.5 rec yds
Devin Funchess under 5 rec
Ted ginn under 3.5 rec
Drew Brees NO INT (+100)
Sammy Watkins under 3.5 rec
Sammy Watkins under 52.5 yds

Russell Wilson OVER 30.5 rush yds



Week 13= 23-9
Overall= 196-129 (60%)

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 12

Marvin Jones under 4 rec
Marvin Jones under 52.5 yds
Theo Riddick under 22.5 rec yds
Dez Bryant under 64.5 yds
DAL/LAC under 4.5 sacks
Josh Doctson under 4 rec
Evan Engram OVER 57.5 yds

Lesean McCoy under 4 rec
Jordan Howard under 67.5 yds
Tom Brady No Int (-200)
Carson Wentz No Int (-130)
Jonathon Stewart under 44.5 yds
Austin Sefarian Jenkins under 4 rec
Austin Sefarian Jenkins under 37.5 yds
Tevin Coleman OVER 60.5 yds
Deshone Kizer under 24.5 rush yds
AJ Green under 5.5 rec
Alvin Kamara under 5 rec
NO/LAR under 4 sacks
Brandon Cooks under 5.5 rec (-145)

Derek Carr under 249.5 yds
Marshawn Lynch under 45.5 yds
Amari Cooper under 52.5 yds
Michael Crabtree under 57.5 yds
Marqise Lee under 50.5 yds
Marqise Lee under 4.5 rec
Jaron Brown under 27.5 yds
Jaron Brown under 2.5 rec
JJ Nelson under 27.5 yds
JJ Nelson under 2.5 rec
Devante Adams under 55.5 yds
Brett Hundley under 17.5 rush yds

Lamar Miller under 67.5 yds
Joe Flacco No Int (+160)
Deandre Hopkins under 70.5 yds



NFL Player Props Picks
Week 12= 21-14
Overall= 173-120 (59%)

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 11

Marcus Mariotta under 226.5 pass yds
Rishard Mathews under 47.5 yds
Delani Walker under 46.5 yds
Ten/Pit under 4.5 sacks

Davonte Adams under 4.5 rec
Alex Smith under 260.5 yds
Eli Manning under 242.5 yds
Vernon Davis under 4.5 rec
Josh Doctson under 40.5 yds
Michael Thomas under 6.5 rec
Lar min under 5 sacks
Todd Gurley under 40.5 rec yds
Robert Woods under 57.5 yds
Adam Thielen under 67.5 yds
Deandre Hopkins under 69.5 yds
Deandre Hopkins under 6 rec
Marqise Lee under 64.5 yds
Blake bortles under 225.5 yds

Keenan Allen OVER 57.5 yds
Tom Brady NO INT(-175)
Joe Mixon under 50.5 yds
AJ Green under 67.5 yds
Brandon LaFell under 34.5 yds
Alfred Morris under 52.5 yds
Dak Prescott OVER 25.5 rush yds
Dak Prescott OVER 20.5 comp

Russell Wilson NO INT



NFL Player Props Picks
Week 11= 13-10
Overall= 152-106 (59%)

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 10

Drew Stanton under 1.5 td (-175)
John Brown under 34.5 yds
Jaron Brown under 25.5 yds

Mark Ingram under 67.5 yds
Lesean McCoy OVER 79.5 yds
Leveon Bell OVER 27.5 rec yds
Phillip Rivers under 235.5 yds
Kyle Rudolph OVER 40.5 yds
Dak Prescott NO INT (-140)
Matt Ryan NO INT
Devonte Freeman OVER 21.5 rec yds
Carlos Hyde OVER 25.5 yds

Brandon Cooks under 62.5 yds

Julius Thomas under 30.5 yds



NFL Player Props Picks
Week 10= 7-7
Overall= 139-96 (59%)

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 9

Lesean McCoy under 87.5 yds

Alshon Jeffrey under 47.5 yds
Nelson Agholar under 42.5 yds
Brock Osweiler OVER 6.5 rush yds
Carson Wentz under 239.5 yds
CJ Anderson under 47.5 yds
Jamal Charles under 25.5 yds
Ty Hilton OVER 55.5 yds
Frank Gore under 14.5 rec yds
Jacoby Brissett OVER 212.5 yds
Tb/no under 4.5 sacks (-150)
Christian Mccaffrey OVER 45.5 yds
Rishard Mathews under 45.5 yds
Bal/ten under 4.5 sacks
Alex Collins under 62.5 yds
Aj Green under 67.5 yds
Marqise Lee under 52.5 yds
Andy Dalton under 1.5 td (-145)
Jimmy Graham OVER 47.5 yds
Russell Wilson OVER 22.5 rush yds
Kirk Cousins under 254.5 yds
Kirk Cousins under 1.5 td
Kareem Hunt OVER 29.5 rec yds
Tyreke Hill OVER 62.5 yds
Derek Carr No Int

Nothing looks highly favorable so No Picks for Monday Night Football



2017 NFL Player Props Picks
Week 9= 15-10
Overall= 132-89 (60%)

NFL Player Props Picks – Week 8

Matt Moore under 1.5 td’s (-150)
Matt Moore under 4.5 rush yds (-135)

Kyle Rudolph OVER 4 rec
Kyle Rudolph OVER 39.5 yds
Duke Johnson under 44.5 rec yds
Zach Ertz under 64.5 yds
Zach Ertz under 5.5 rec
Carson Wentz no int (-125)
Ted Ginn under 47.5 yds
Ted Ginn under 3.5 rec
Drew Brees no int (+110)
Frank Gore under 42.5 yds
Andy Dalton OVER 260.5 yds
Kelvin Benjamin OVER 64.5 yds
Devin Funchess OVER 52.5 yds
Christian Mccaffrey OVER 40.5 yds
Cameron Brate under 45.5 yds
Cam Newton OVER 255.5 yds
Tyrod Taylor no int (-150)
Russell Wilson no int
Lamar Miller under 59.5 yds
Will Fuller under 40.5 yds
Jason Witten OVER 40.5 yds
Dak Prescott OVER 21.5 rush yds
Chris Thompson OVER 36.5 rec yds

Golden Tate under 58.5 yds
Marvin Jones under 4 rec
Marvin Jones under 55.5 yds
Eric Ebron under 27.5 yds

Kareem Hunt under 80.5 yds
Tyreke Hill under 57.5 yds
Jamal Charles OVER 39.5 rush+rec yds
KC/DEN OVER 9.5 punts



2017 NFL Player Props Picks
Week 8= 15-18
Overall= 117-79