“Why don’t you just bet the picks yourself if you’re so successful at them instead of selling them?”
This is a common question or criticism. The truth is we were betting all our picks with our own money for years before we started selling them. We were profiting a lot. Selling picks wasn’t even a consideration at that time, there was no need for it.

Unfortunately, bookies don’t like bettors who consistently win a lot of money from them so eventually they limited the max bets allowed on our account. After getting limited/cut off by every bookie possible, we were left without many options.

Since we were unable to bet for ourselves any longer, we decided the next best route was to start a business helping others do the same thing we had been successful at for years. That’s when we created The Prop Kings.

We continue using the same work ethic and attention to detail that made us successful, as if we were still betting our own money on every pick. We feel a great responsibility to treat our clients money just the same as if it was our own. We will NEVER recommend a pick that we wouldn’t bet ourselves. We are proud of our results and take pride that we have been able to help others profit from sports betting as well.

We have been analyzing the NBA and NFL in detail for over 15 years.  

This is our only job so we’re able to dedicate a vast majority of our time to researching and making winning picks.

We have been delivering elite results and prompt reliable customer service for years. Our picks provide consistent profits with a proven substantial edge.

You will automatically receive email notifications immediately after picks are posted so you won’t have to waste time constantly checking the site. We recommend using a gmail app, we’ve never missed a notification from them. Some clients have mentioned problems with hotmail and other email providers missing notifications occasionally.

Different membership packages are available on the registration page.  Members will receive all the picks each day for the package they sign up for.  

All picks come from A+ rated sportsbooks: Bovada and 5Dimes.


**DO NOT sell, post or share any of The Prop Kings picks found on  If there is evidence that suggests beyond a reasonable doubt that you shared the picks given on this website with other people who are not members themselves, your membership will be permanently terminated without refund.  We reserve the right to refuse any member we determine has violated our policies.