improving the industry

Propsource.com is a real estate investment company based in Miami, Florida.

Our team is composed of experienced real estate investors who share a common passion for improving the industry for all sides of every transaction. Founded by a group of Investors, Flippers & Wholesalers, we embarked on this journey to pursue our passion and help fellow investors achieve their financial objectives.

"At Propsource.com, our primary focus is delivering exceptional value to our clients"

We specialize in connecting investors with incredible investment opportunities that are often elusive to the average person. With a track record of over 500 successful fix and flips, numerous development projects, ownership of more than 1000 doors, and participation in over 5000 transactions across major markets in the US, we have gained valuable insights into the real estate market.
Through our experience, we’ve recognized the challenges many investors face in locating lucrative deals and avoiding costly mistakes. We are dedicated to leveraging our expertise to guide investors toward sound investment decisions and opportunities that may not always be apparent on paper.

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