🏈🏀 2018-19 Summary

Another profitable NBA and NFL season all around, although an under achieving one compared to prior years.

59% Wins and +183 Units is pretty good for an under performing year, but it’s not good enough for me and probably not for some of you as well who have grown accustomed to the results from previous years.

February and March was the difference between a good season and a great season. If we could’ve won the normal 25-30 units on those months, it would’ve been smooth sailing to a typical +250 unit year (or more). There was a little more bad luck during that time, losing more close picks than usual.  But that’s no excuse, I’m sure my decision making was a bigger factor than anything else. That will be improved on by dissecting and analyzing all the picks from this year with extra attention on the losing months.

Once again, the NBA playoffs was where we shined brightest with 63% winners on 300 picks.

The NBA and NFL season may be over but I will be working throughout the summer staying up to date on all team news and preparing for NBA and NFL Season Win Totals which did well this year going 10-1 (+40 units) on both sports. NFL should be ready in July.

I hope it was profitable year for everyone and the customer service at the very least met your expectations. 

Im open to hearing any feedback. What you liked, what you disliked, what can be improved, etc. Always looking to make things better.

If you could take a minute and leave a review, that would be great. You can go to any NBA or NFL post and there’s a star review thing on there. If not, no worries. Thank you all.

Prop Source Team

4 thoughts on “🏈🏀 2018-19 Summary

  1. To be honest, I feel a bit ashamed that Im disappointed with the playoffs results, since I earned a lot of money thanks to you. Your results were great, but not as great as the last years. I expected a 65% hit rate, but “only” had a 58% hit rate.

    Anyhow, you are the best NBA betting service by far. Your transperency and quality is what makes it so good. I started doing research on you in the spring 2018 and quickly saw that you are the most serious in the business. You dont hide and make excuses when you fail.

    I gave you 4 stars because you simply are the best, but the service is not perfect. The odds almost never is correct, and the price for the service is waay too high. The service is not well suited for the European customers since many of the picks are not to find.

    Crossing my fingers that the bookies dont limit this fall/winter, so I can resubscribe for the 2019-20 NBA playoffs.

    • Thanks for the feedback Lars and mentioning some nice comments. Most serious in the business, make no excuses or hide any results means a lot to me. I believe excuses are toxic behavior in most cases. Gotta be honest with ourselves in order to achieve our full potential.

      The results this year were certainly not as good as the standard we’ve set, I’ll be the first to admit that. I wish it wasn’t the case but it can happen from time to time. It’s difficult for anyone to hit 65%+ every year for 5-10 years. There’s gonna be some sub par years along the way due to variance and whatnot but overall we will be around the 65% level long term.

      Had a similar year in 2014-15 as you can see on the results page and it was followed by our best year ever +357 units on 71% winners. Next year will very likely be much better than this year and I do expect to get back to around the 65% level atleast.

      As for the juice odds, this is the nature of the prop market and there isn’t much I can do to fix that. Odds can move rather quickly on some sites. But the odds I select are always from atleast one of the major offshore bookies (bovada, 5dimes, betbuilder) at the time of posting, I never make up the juice odds and I also try not to post a points line that is significantly different from most other bookies lines. And I try to be quick to respond to any customer questions whether a line is still worth betting or not.

      But I know the juice can be significantly different on some sites, we saw more of that this year than in years past. If that continues to be a problem next year, then it might not be worth continuing. Let’s see what happens next season, I’ll gladly refund any memberships if you choose it’s not worth it any point.

      I understand the membership prices are high for the average bettor but I believe the membership prices are fair for the level of quality of picks provided and the results I have had over a long period of times s the profit they have generated.

      And it also helps to limit the number of bettors and preserve the market somewhat. I would rather have a smaller amount of loyal customers who can all benefit from the picks than to have a lot of members who will probably squeeze the entire market dry.

      Thanks again for your input, I’m sorry if my response wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. I’m glad that atleast the membership this year was profitable for you and I will strive to make it better next time. Hope to see you back again

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