NBA Player Props Picks 12/6/17

Dwayne Wade under 8 reb (5dimes)(Probably this was supposed to say reb+ast so not sure if this will be cancelled or not so I wont count it on my record but theres almost no way he goes over 8 reb)

Lebron James under 27.5 pts
Dennis Smith under 7.5 reb ast
Harrison Barnes under 8 reb
Kristaps Porzingis under 25.5 pts
Reggie Jackson under 15.5 pts
Reggie Jackson under 7.5 reb ast
Giannis Antetekoumpo under 29 pts
Goran Dragic under 7.5 reb ast


‪Today= 5-3‬
‪Overall= 282-177 (61%)‬

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