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Game spreads are highly efficient markets which lines-makers put most of their resources towards perfecting. They are tough to beat.

The prop market however doesn’t get nearly as much attention which leads to more inefficient lines. 

That’s where we focus our attention and find the most significant advantages available.

The short answer is that it’s tough for us to get many prop bets in anymore.

After years of success across multiple betting platforms, we were cutoff by most of them and left without many options.  

Since we were not able to bet for ourselves any longer, we decided to market our edge and make it available to the public.

We have over 20+ years experience following the prop market professionally. A lot of trial and error along the way has sculpted a system at the peak of efficiency.  

Our lifetime results have produced a remarkable 65% win accuracy.

The best and most consistent results in the industry. All picks documented and transparent.

A disciplined approach with a focus on selecting only the very best picks that have a significant advantage in order to minimize wild swings to your bankroll.

We stay up to date on all sports news and injury reports. Analyze recent and long term trends in microscopic detail. We study game film constantly in order to not only understand what happened but why it happened and how likely it is to happen in the future.  

This is just a portion of what our job entails. 

We cover it all so that you can just place the bets and watch your bankroll multiply.

All packages of 1 month or longer are backed with a prorated refund. That means you will not be responsible for paying our membership fees when you are no longer able to bet our picks.

Any unused portion of your membership at the time of cancellation will be refunded. 

Picks are usually posted atleast 2-3 hours before games start.  Sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later depending on injury updates.   

You will receive an email when new picks are posted.  

Yes.  An automated email is sent immediately after new picks are posted.

Make sure you have email notifications on so that you don’t miss any winners.

Gmail has the most reliability when it comes to email notifications. Some clients have mentioned problems with other email providers not sending notifications immediately.

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Almost all of our picks come from Bovada, 5Dimes and BetBuilder. They provide the widest selection of player props and are A+ Rated sites that have been in business for many years.

We are also looking to add sites from outside the USA for our international customers. 

Currently we focus on NBA, NFL and MLB. More sports could be added in the future.

All of our picks are 1 Unit.  Occasionally we will have 3-5 unit max plays which will be noted next to the pick.  

We recommend 1 Unit to represent about 2% of your bankroll. 

Please refer to our betting guidelines page to see if the line available to you is still worth betting.


We advise not making immediate withdrawals. Making a withdrawal request will bring unwanted attention to your account and could potentially get your account limited or cut off.

The less attention brought to winning accounts, the longer they usually last. 

Ultimately, its your choice but we strongly advise not to withdraw until necessary.

Membership prices can be found at propsource.com/guide

We are so confident in our picks that if at least 55% of them don’t win during your subscription (1 month or longer), you will receive a complimentary membership package of equal length at no additional cost.

More details can be found at propsource.com/guarantee

If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form below and we will respond promptly.

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