2017-18 NBA Player Props Year End Summary

Proud to say it was another successful season. Cheers to everyone who joined us for the ride. Especially the ones who were in from the beginning of the season.

63% Wins and +314 Units at 1u/pick. That doesn’t even include the extra units won when we recommended 7 Max Bets fading Lebron on the last day of the regular season when we found out about a comment from Tyrone Lue well before the bookies did, about how Lebron would sit out the rest of game after he scored 10 points just so he could keep his double digit scoring record in tact in an otherwise meaningless game which had no impact on the Cavs seeding. Under Pts, Pts+Reb, Pts+ast, Pts+reb+ast….every Lebron prop that was offered was free money and we took full advantage of it.

We won atleast 55% of our picks every month. And once again, the playoffs was where we shined the brightest with a 69% win rate on 250 picks!

A $100 bettor had the potential to win $31,420 before fees. I know some of you go well beyond $100 per bet. Cheers again!

Its always sad to see the NBA season come to an end and the long break until NFL begin. But atleast It gives us a chance to relax and use some of the profits made towards enjoying ourselves during the break.

Thank you again for believing and trusting in our picks. I look forward to seeing you all next season and some of you even sooner when NFL gets underway.

Prop Source Team

NBA Player Props Picks – Finals Game 4

Andre Iguodala under 7.5 pts (Bovada)
Steph Curry under 4.5 3’s made (Bovada)
Jeff Green under 7.5 pts (Bovada)
Jeff Green under 2 ftm (Bovada)
Kevin Love under 31.5 pts+reb+ast (Bovada)
Steph Curry under .5 blk (-325) (Bovada)
Klay Thompson under .5 blk (-145) (Bovada)
George Hill under .5 blk (-200) (Bovada)
Lebron James under 1.5 blk (5Dimes)



‪Today= 6-3, +.25 Units ‬
‪Playoffs= 173-77 (69%), +85 Units 🔥‬
‪Season=1,003-599 (63%), +312 Units🔥‬

NBA Player Props Picks – Finals Game 3

JR Smith OVER 1.5 3pt made -135 (5Dimes)
Tristan Thompson under 8 pts -115 (Bovada)
Kevin Love under 18 pts -115 (Bovada)
Lebron James OVER 36.5 pts -130 (5Dimes)
Lebron James OVER 55.5 pts+reb+ast -115 (5Dimes)
Steph Curry under 27.5 pts -105 (Bovada)
Kevin Durant under 5 ast -115 (Bovada)
Shaun Livingston under 6.5 pts -145 (5Dimes)
Steph Curry under .5 blocks -250 (Bovada)
Klay Thompson under .5 blocks -150 (Bovada)
Kevin Durant under 1.5 blocks -165 (Bovada)
Draymond Green under 1.5 blocks -140 (Bovada)
Tristan Thompson under .5 blocks -145 (Bovada)
Kevin Love under .5 blocks -135 (Bovada)
Jeff Green under .5 blocks -135 (Bovada)
George Hill under .5 blocks -150 (Bovada)
Which player will score most points? Lebron James -150 (Bovada, located at the very bottom of props page)


‪Today= 8-8, -1.2 Units ‬
‪Playoffs= 159-73 (70%), +78 Units 🔥‬
‪Season=989-595 (62%), +305 Units🔥‬

NBA Player Props Picks – Finals Game 2

Kevon Looney under 5.5 pts (-125) (Bovada)
Kevon Looney under 1.5 stl+blk (-180) (Bovada)

Kevin Love under 17.5 pts (-125) (Bovada)
Klay Thompson under 20 pts (-140) (Betbuilder)
Draymond Green under 18.5 reb+ast (-115) (Bovada)
Kevon Looney under 5.5 pts (-125) (Bovada)
Kevon Looney under 1.5 stl+blk (-180) (Bovada)


Listed below, I have added bonus picks but they will not be counted towards my record as they aren’t readily available to all. Want to be fair when it comes to record keeping. We will continue adding these extra picks rest of NBA Finals. For next season, Im very likely to add picks from Bet365 and maybe other sites to the daily list of picks from day 1. Still working on how I will incorporate everything into the daily record to make sure its fair to all. Enjoy the game tonight.

Bet365 (Non-US customers)
Kevin Love under 18.5 pts (-150)
Klay Thompson under 20.5 pts (-125)
George Hill under .5 blk (-200)
Draymond Green can be split into 11.5 reb and 7.5 for .5 unit each

LOCAL Bookies
JR Smith under 3.5 reb (-135)
Kyle Korver under 2.5 3pt made (-145)



‪Today= 3-1, +1.85 Units 🔥‬
‪Playoffs= 151-65 (70%), +79 Units 🔥‬
‪Season=981-587 (62%), +306 Units🔥‬

NBA Player Props Picks – Finals Game 1

Kevin Love under 17.5 pts (Betbuilder, -143)
Lebron James under 34.5 pts (Bovada, -130)
Jeff Green under 9.5 pts (Betbuilder, -103)
Kyle Korver under 13.5 pts+reb+ast (Bovada, -130) (under 9.5 pts is ok too if you dont have this line)
Kyle Korver under 2.5 3pt made (Bovada, -145)
Draymond Green under 19.5 reb+ast (Bovada, -115)
Kevin Durant OVER 11 reb+ast (Bovada, -115)
Klay Thompson OVER 2.5 3pt Made (5Dimes, -130)




‪Today= 5-3, +1.55 Units 🔥‬
‪Playoffs= 148-64 (70%), +77 Units 🔥‬
‪Season=978-586 (62%), +304 Units🔥‬

NBA Player Prop Picks – Finals Series Averages

All of these picks are from Bovada, some can be found on 5Dimes too.

Kyle Korver under 10.5 pts
Jeff Green under 11 pts
JR Smith under 3 reb (-135)
Kevin Durant OVER 7 reb
Klay Thompson under 2.5 ast (-135)
Steph Curry under 42.5 3P%
Kyle Korver under 43.5 3P%
Klay Thompson under 42.5 3P%
Cleveland Cavs under 37.0 3P%

MVP LEAN (not official pick)
Draymond Green Finals MVP +1200

Maybe put .1 unit or something small on him. This is a longshot of winning so I wouldn’t bet too much but I can see it happening if a few things go his way.



‪Finals Series avg props go 8-1‬

‪Today= 8-1 , +6.85 Units 🔥‬
‪Playoffs= 173-77 (69%), +85 Units 🔥‬
‪Season=1,003-599 (63%), +312 Units🔥‬